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the magic of facial massage
Self massage is a valuable ritual in helping to reverse the appearance of age related changes.

A simple everyday facial massage needs to take only 2 - 3 minutes and has the benefits of:

  • Activating the body's own natural healing system;
  • Oxygenating the skin and increasing collagen production;
  • Releasing tension from your face, jaw and neck;
  • Reducing wrinkles and expression lines, to give you a more youthful and radiant appearance;
  • Restoring skin suppleness;
  • Putting the glow back in the skin - fast!
Facial oils also penetrate more easily than most creams do - use the Sh'Zen Facial Essence to potentiate any other Sh'Zen facial product.

A daily massage really is a facelift at your fingertips!

Tip: Morning puffiness is sometimes attributed to the fact that blood and lymph circulation slows down while you are sleeping - so a morning massage is a must!

Place fingers, spread like a fan, under the cheeck bones and press, hold for a count of five, and release.


Place fingers above the upper lip, press firmly, hold for a count of five, and release.


Place the fingers in the centre of the forehead, from browbone to hairline. Press firmly, hold for a count of five, and release.


Move fingers apart by a centimetre, press, hold and release again. Repeat across the forehead finishing at the temples.


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