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Sh'Zen was started in 1989 when research showed that South African women believed there to be a need for a specific solution range specialising in the care of hands, nails and cuticles. Apothecaries, aromatherapists and cosmetic chemists were closely consulted to formulate a range of the highest standard and with great excitement the initial Sh'Zen range of only 7 products was launched.

Sh'Zen means 'natural' in Japanese - and was chosen as it reflected the philosophy of the company - products whose active ingredients are primarily natural - plant extract and essential oils predominate in each product! The Nail Buffer Kit was the cornerstone to the range and spearheaded the reintroduction of nail buffing in South Africa.

Almost immediately Sh'Zen became a national winner - Fair Lady judged the range to be an award winning range in 1989 - and since then we have enjoyed wonderful support from most woman's magazine's around the country. Both Glynis Richardson and myself responded to this article and the Cape and KZN regions were born simultaneously.

Sh'Zen for feet was launched just one year later, offering women (and men) therapeutic solutions to typical South African foot problems, and within another four years, Sh'Zen for body was welcomed aboard - deeply nourishing products to arrest the damage that comes from living a busy, stressed and sun exposed life! Currently the range comprises of over 50 highly effective treatment products all offering specific solutions for a beautiful body.

Besides incredible support from our loyal customers around South Africa, Sh'Zen also enjoys support from beauty therapists, chiropodists, podiatrists and even medical doctors around the country - proof indeed of the efficacy of our products!

In October 2006 the company will celebrate 17 years of sustained growth and success – while its innovative products have always guaranteed a dynamic future, it is the people in Sh’Zen that have made such a tremendous difference. Passionate, committed and loyal – from director Glynis Richardson, to Rene Reynolds, Sharryn Harris, Heather Thackwray and Sally Denysschen, our regionals in CT, Jhb, Pretoria,  KZN and Texas USA, respectively, to our 120 team leaders and 3 000 consultants around the country, around the world and to the staff who give of their best every day!

Sh’Zen has the ultimate dream team to support its dynamic growth and development.

My thanks to you all.

Ingrid Alexander

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