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Heather Thackwray - success story

For many years my day-job was a PA, while my sideline hobby was selling Sh'zen. 3 years ago retrenchment gave me the time to add focus to my hobby and before I knew it, it was 6 months later and my sideline hobby became my full time job.

My hours, my time, and me having fun at the same time.

With me being focused, I soon became Top Team Leader and Top Recruiter. This meant that I qualified for the international incentive - and in March 2004, I went overseas for the very first time!

My biggest personal secret dream, which I had, was to one day, be a Sh'Zen Regional Manager, this came true in January 2006! I love what I do - but even more I love helping others reach their full potential.

My next dream - to make Pretoria the no. 1 region in the company!,

I think the very best is that Sh'Zen saw potential in ME... and for that I will always be grateful and of course God does make dreams come true.

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