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Rene Reynolds - success story

It was the free start up kit that did it for me says Rene Reynolds, Regional Cape Manager - and I really had no idea that this step would be the start of such a wonderful phase in my life!

Joining Sh'Zen just to get the free kit, actually turned my life on its head - within weeks I had given up my full time job to grow my own team - and also to become Sh'Zen's Training Manager.

I simply loved belonging to this company - but my real love was training and motivating others- watching women grow and achieve beyond what they think they can do, really makes me feel that I have made a difference.

Almost four years ago, I became the Regional Manager for the Cape Region - and together with my very special group of team leaders, have retained the top spot in the country! I have enjoyed experiences such as international travel, wonderful recognition and meeting such interesting people - and along the way have grown tremendously as a person!

I encourage everyone who wants to change their lives, earn more, meet wonderful people to do as I did - take advantage of the free Start Up Kit that Sh'Zen offers - I am SO glad I did!

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